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The plot to destroy the Philippine economy. This is treachery if the allegation is true. SHARE!

The screenshot shown below was taken from the post of  MJ Quiambao Reyes and is part of the alleged #LeniLeaks.

What is "Leni Leaks"?

LeniLeaks is an allegation of a plot to denigrate and eventually unseat the president with the trending hashtag “#LeniLeaks.”

This refers to the discovery of supposed correspondence in a “restricted” Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) that seemed to show that the Office of the Vice President is part of the group’s well-orchestrated strategy to discredit President Rodrigo Duterte.

Shown below is one of the screen captures of a Yahoo group communication allegedly sent by Loida Lewis, a Filipino-American billionaire to other groups.

Please take note of the googlegroups and yahoogroups.

The alleged plot is so simple. Scare investors by spreading lies. As the screenshot states, "Doesn't have to be true. Just needs to LOOK like that."

The plot's objective is to destroy the Philippine economy so that the citizens will hate Duterte. If true, imagine the kind of conscience the Yellowtards have that they are willing to let Filipinos suffer just so that they can return to power.

This serious allegation which may be a threat to our national security must be answered by Robredo and the Office of the Vice-President and should also be investigated by the government.

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  1. So the Bloomberg news dated April 29 was part of the plan?

  2. They are clearly doing economic sabotage. I think Pres. Duterte and his group should think on how they yellowtards group be held liable. We can categorise economic sabotage as heneous crime. I remember that month It is in the middle of campaign period wherein it was reported that the stock market was in the bad situation and says in the news by Mar. Roxas that the reason why stock market go down is because the business were scared to invest bcoz Duterte is leading on the survey. This email has basis that is true. We can go back on that period and check news for economy status.