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Robredo who was replaced for slow Yolanda relocation says Nina relief too slow. ~Share

Last Tuesday, November 3, 2016, Vice President Leni Robredo criticized the relief operations in typhoon Nina-hit communities saying it was slow.

If you remember, Robredo was practically replaced by Mr. Michael Dino of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas as the lead person to oversee the relocation of the Yolanda typhoon victims because the expectations of Duterte were not met.

For someone perceived by many as incompetent, the Vice-President has the gall to criticize the relief operations without citing a credible basis for her comments.

One of the things criticized was power. She said was that electricity has not fully restored — eight days after the typhoon battered the Bicol region.

Really? Hasn't it occurred to Leni that electricity in the whole region is being repaired and that although electricity is not fully restored, many areas have their electricity back?

VP Leni also added by saying, "I think it's slow, the action is slow. I think we should help on how to make the process faster, because it's really unusual. Eight days have passed and not even 50% of areas affected have their electricity restored."

Really? Robredo can help make the process faster? How can Robredo make the process faster? Will she pay for labor and repair equipment? Also, when she said "it's really unusual", what is her basis for saying that the repairs are usually slow? She hasn't stated the basis, so what is right to say that the repairs are usually slow?

Vice President Leni Robredo said she felt bad and found it "unfortunate" that she was in the United States when Typhoon Nina ravaged parts of the Philippines, which included her hometown Naga, on Christmas day.

"I felt really bad while I was there and something was happening here. The timing was bad. I feel bad that I was not there (in Bicol) when it (Typhoon Nina) happened.

I feel it is hypocritical for her to say she felt bad because she knew the typhoon was coming. She had the choice of staying behind to show solidarity with the people, but obviously, she chose to travel to the US because the vacation was planned a long time ago.

Robredo said their family decided to cut short their trip and return to Manila but found it hard to book return tickets as December was peak season.

"We were supposed to return on January 4. The earliest return flight we got was on New Year's Eve so we only flew back home on that date."

"It was hard to look for and book five tickets. I was with my three daughters and my 80-year-old grandmother." She said.

The excuse of the difficulty of booking five tickets is a stupid excuse.

First of all, why should she book for five when it is easier to book for one. Secondly, she could try being a chance passenger and being the Vice President of the Philippines could help her return to the Philippines.

The more she opens her mouth, the more untrustworthy she becomes.

Her trip to the US reveals the following things about her.
  • She has weak character as shown in her unwillingness to make a personal sacrifice for the country.
  • She is not a problem solver and shown in her inability to return to the Philippines by insisting that five people travel to the Philippines together instead of traveling alone.
  • She is lazy and shown in her unwillingness to become a chance passenger.
  • She is not a resourceful person. She is the Vice-president of the Republic of the Philippines, surely her position can be used as leverage to do good.

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