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Fact: Drug pushers will "STOP" anyone who are bad for their business. How do you stop them? SHARE

Another friend of mine who works for the government in drug infested neighborhood teaching people about the dangers of drugs was warned never to return or face the consequences.

Here is a simple fact, the drug business is a very lucrative business and anyone who stands in the way will be punished or bribed.

How do we solve the drug problem if the police, the judges, and politicians who are supposed to protect us from the scourge of narcotics are part of the system? When a well-connected drug pusher is caught, they hire lawyers who know every trick in the law to make sure their client is out and back in business.

The joke called "due process."

Yes, due process is the correct thing to do because every man reserves that right.  But when due process is abused by the drug lords and pushers by their lawyers, then "due process" becomes a weapon of mass destruction.

Because of "due process" the drug industry has reigned over our country and put us on the brink of becoming a narco-state.  Unfortunately, due process is important to protect our civil liberties.

A choice has to be made if we must temporarily give up that right until the drug problem is under control or continue with "due process" until our country becomes an irreversibly full-blown narco-state

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