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Duterte said - "Yan ang ayaw ko na sakit." Apologizing to GMA, Duterte finally admits it. ~SHARE!

Video of Duterte making an admission.
It is moments like these that endears President Rody Roa Duterte to the people.

Unlike other politicians who hide their imperfections and project an illusion about character, Dutete instead uses his failing as a strength. By admitting his human flaw the President is able to connect to the audience and is embraced by them.

Apologizing to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who was visibly uncomfortable at what Duterte had been saying, the president's follow-up statements made the audience roar in laughter and approval.

Having no pretensions and opening his life like a book, the public knows that Duterte is for real. Isang totoong tao.

As the marketing slogan goes, "Magpakatotoo ka!"

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