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Although she hasn't proven it, De Lima is accusing Duterte ordering the of stabbing Jaybee ~Share

Although Sen. Leila de Lima has not proven it, she insists that it was President Duterte himself who ordered the stabbing of high-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian to coerce him into testifying against her.

The lady senator along with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, is accused by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II of being behind the stabbing of Sebastian inside the New Bilibid Prison late last September 2016.

If you recall, it was De Lima who declared that Jaybee Sebastian was a "government asset", an announcement that may have placed Sebastian's life in danger and could have led to the stabbing incident.

De Lima claimed. --- “I have my own sources, very credible ones, about who’s behind that stabbing incident which victimized four of the Bilibid 19, including Jaybee Sebastian, and why they did that. The President himself ordered that and it was implemented by his enforcers,”

Although De Lima has been quick to claim that she has sources, she has never presented any of them to prove her claim which makes many wonder whether or not her claims are true.

The attempt to kill Sebastian, she said, was a way of coercing him to cooperate with the administration in pinning her down as coddler of illegal drug traders.

It will be noted that Senator De Lima has made claims against the Duterte before saying that she has "sources" but didn't present them for investigation and questioning so the truth can be extracted.

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