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Unwilling to confront China to help PH, is the US military useless? ~SHARE

What is the US Military doing in the Philippines? When we needed them to ward off the Chinese from our shoals they did nothing.  And if the story is true, the US even asked the Aquino administration not to get too aggressive with China so that tensions in the region would not rise.

From what I know, the deal (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement or EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States really sucks.  It is said to state that the US will only come to our rescue if another country declares war against us. However, if we are the ones who declares war, then we fight alone.

This means that if we attacked the shoals to regain it from China, the United States would have just stood by and watch our navy get obliterated by the Chinese.  How this is the interesting part, if the US got into a war with China, Filipinos are expected to fight and die alongside the Americans.  It this information is true, then EDCA is a very bad deal.

But what will really suck for us Filipinos is that, if a war broke out between the US and China, the Philippines will also become a target of nuclear /conventional weapons. Imagine, thousands of Filipinos dying from a war that isn't even our own.

Let's look at it this way, just because China is the enemy of the United States it does not follow that China should also be our enemy.  That's why we need an independent foreign policy that positions the Philippines as a neutral country.

Not pro-US, pro-China, or Pro-Russia, but pro-Filipino.


  1. Now you know how mayor Du30's mind works? So advanced, so complicated and yet his spirit is so Filipino. These yellow monkeys are crying for mayors head but they are all noise, air and mouth but no teeth, no claws and no balls.

  2. let us wait for the pronouncement of the in-coming president Donald of this moment, Obama is a useless president....

  3. Wrong premise : just because China is the enemy of the US, it does not follow that China should also be our enemy.

    Who says that China is our enemy because it is the enemy of US?

    Isn't it that China is our enemy because China is doing a creeping invasion without even wasting a bullet but you want to drag the US in because of MDT? (Yeah its MDT not EDCA)

    Buy you seem to paint that it is US OBLIGATION to fight for our sovereignty.

    The US pivot to Asia is not the reason for China's belligerent actions in SCS. The US pivot is a result and a reaction to China's belligerent and ambitious intentions to expand.

    Cause = China. .. Effect = US pivot.

    China aggression = PH gravest threat to national security.

    Result or effect: US paints China's aggression as the enemy = PH drawing US because of PH interest in SCS.

    I think, a good advice for your writing is do an independent research first. Don't cloud yourself with self prejudices.

    Although I agree that MDT is not perfect. Some of your "facts" are incorrect. You would have gained more credence if you researched a little bit and not just rely on hearsay or third hand opinions.

  4. That's why it's called an Enhanced DEFENCE Cooperation Agreement. If they were going to help you declare war on other people it'd be called an ATTACK agreement... and really, why would the USA or any other country be willing to sign an agreement to help you if you declared war?

    Expecting the US military to confront China over Scarborough Shoal is basically expecting them to start World War 3 with an aggressive, nuclear armed nation who is one of the few nations big enough to seriously threaten them.