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Looks like the US & the PH are going to be ok, but what about China & Russia? ~Share

Although looking & sounding tired, Duterte looks like a naughty little boy who got what he wanted.

Special assistant Christopher “Bong” Go described President Duterte's talk over the phone with US President-elect Donald Trump Friday night as being an “engaging” conversation.

Bong Go said Duterte and Trump had a “very engaging and animated phone conversation.”

In a photo shared on Go’s official Facebook account, Duterte was seen sitting on a table reading some papers while talking to Trump.

The two leaders talked over the phone for seven minutes and 20 seconds at exactly 10:30 p.m. (Philippine time),

According to Bong Go, Trump invited Duterte to visit the White House next year while Duterte also invited Trump to attend the 2017 Asean Summit in the Philippines.

After Trump’s win over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in November, Duterte said he looked forward to working with the business tycoon.

Duterte also softened his stance, against the US, saying “I don’t want to quarrel anymore” with the US. Duterte also earlier said that he could get along well with Trump.

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