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If you knew the reason, would you do what Duterte did? ~Share

Watch Duterte tell the story personally.
President Rodrigo Duterte has a message for corrupt officials, he said, he will throw them out of a helicopter in the same way he did to a kidnapper many years ago.

During a speech in typhoon-hit Camarines Sur, Duterte said, "Ang mag-corrupt dito…Kapag ka kinorrupt mo ‘yan kung sinong --- sunduin kita ng helicopter papuntang Maynila, itatapon kita palabas,"

The crowd cheered when the President said, "Nagawa ko naman ‘yon, bakit hindi ko gawain ulit?,"

Duterte recounted a case of a woman who was kidnapped.  The parents for the woman paid the ransom, but despite that, the kidnappers raped and killed killed the woman.

Recalling the incident, Duterte said."Mag-kidnap ka ng tao, ‘yung mga Instik. Magbigay na tapos patayin mo pa rin. Anong klase? Meron bang kriminal na ganoon?"

"Mag-kidnap ka ng babae pa tapos magbigay na ‘yung mga magulang, papatayin mo pa, rape-in mo pa. Eh di itapon kita," he added.

If you were Duterte, would you have done the same and let the kidnapper live happily in jail being supported by taxpayers?


  1. Yes I will kick the bastard kidnapper rapist out of the chopper. No mercy!