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Determined to erode Duterte's popularity, Pangilinan uses James Taylor for anti-Duterte propaganda ~Share

Kiko Pangilinan is trying to use James Taylor's boycott to rally people against Duterte. He wants Duterte's war on drugs to fail. But he should be careful what he wishes for.  If the war on drugs is stopped because of people like him and the addicts will return to rule the streets, and there will be a lot of anger from people who want law and order.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan knows that the backbone of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's popularity is the war on Drugs. By convincing Filipinos that the war on drugs is bad, it will follow that the support for Duterte will weaken and that is the objective of the Yellow so that they can return to power.

The message of the Yellows aka Liberals is simple, they'll portray the drug pushers and addicts as victims. The truth of the matter is that pushers start off as victims (the addicts) and then they become "victimizers". The worst part is that they victimize the people who trust them the most, their friends and sibling because they are the easiest to convince.

An addict convinces people who trust them to try drugs by saying that it is harmless if you try it once. Unfortunately, trying it once is all it takes to start the addiction. Once addicted, they need money for their daily fix.

From an addict, he now graduates to becoming a pusher, prostitute, thief or robber to fund the addiction. Then after using shabu for one year, brain damage follows. At this point their families are now terrorized and living in horror from fear of violence, rape, or even death.

No one wants to see another human being dead, unfortunately however, the only thing the drug lords, pushers, and addicts understand is the language of fear. Specifically, the fear of death. Pushers don't fear jail, they'll laugh at you if you threaten to send them to jail. But they fear death.

Because Duterte has sworn to kill them, they have decreased in numbers for now. Can you imagine what will happen if Vice-President Leni Robredo suddenly becomes President . Drug pushers and drug lords know they won't die if Robredo takes over.  If that happens, it will be safe to say that happy days will be back again for the shabu industry once the Yellows return to power.

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