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Is ABS-CBN using copyright to stop Duterte supporters from defending the President? ~Share

President Rody Duterte's supporters republish video material created by others "in part" or "as a whole" to either promote Duterte's message or to defend him from bashers. Although the intention of the Duterte supporters is noble, it does not escape the fact that "copyrights" may have been infringed upon.

Copyright laws are important because it protects content creators from "pirates" who make monetary gain from the efforts of others. Unfortunately, the copyright law may also be used as a form of censorship by those who want to "bring down" the Duterte administration.

ABS-CBN is perceived by the President's supporters to be anti-Duterte media and the recent blocking of the video shown above on YouTube sends alarm bells and "red flags". Although the video shows only the Radio Television MalacaƱang (RTVM) logo, ABS-CBN blocked it on YouTube claiming copyright.

If the video was owned by ABS-CBN, then their logo should have appeared on the video. However, only the RTVM logo appeared which makes me hypothesize that RVTM owned the video and had rights to it. Of course, it is possible that ABS-CBN and RTVM may have an arrangement we do not know about.

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  1. eh di eh block nyu na rin mga palabas nila ah...