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Frailty of a woman? Of course! Women are h*rnier than men. Agree? ~Share

This blog has two parts. The first is the article written by MJ Reyes which is shown below  and the second is a video commentary by the Mocha girls.


I guess MJ Quiambao Reyes got really mad at Senator Leila De Lima for her admission that women are weak and easily tempted, and as it turns out many women are turning against De Lima because they refuse to admit "frailty".

Shown below is MJ Quiambao Reyes' rant.

Dilemma's 3 Deadly Sins
MJ Quiambao Reyes

For you to have an affair (for years) with your married subordinate--that's LUST (or love, maybe). I do not know your & your driver-sweet lover's story, so let me leave that part between you & your God.

But for you to even run as Senator after such misconduct--that's just GREED! That's frying your 'saba' and eating it, too. That's lack of delicadeza at sobrang kapal na ng mukha.

Worse, if you have been using your power and govt positions all these years to get those men and to enrich yourself at the same time, now that's just abominable!

See, when a woman in a very powerful position stands infront of her married underling, asking him to love her (or f~©k her), that's no weakness--that's more like dominance & abuse of power.

Worst, to try to justify your first two deadly sins with a 'frailty' statement that undermines women in general instead of just owning up to your mistake--that's PRIDE, your 3rd deadly sin.

Stupidity, too. Gender has nothing to do with your frailty.

Wag ka'ng mandamay!

You owe #everywoman an apology--and yes, your resignation from public office.

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