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Wang Xiaohui of the China Mosaic call Duterte a 'wise man'. Agree or Disagree? ~Share

Mr. Wang Xiaohui of the China Mosaic call Duterte a 'wise man' and whether or not you will agree with this statement will depend on the strength of his arguments.

We all know that President Rodrigo Duterte has stunned the world by using what Obama called 'colorful language' and his recent announcement that he will separate from the US sent shock-waves in the region.

Some say that Duterte's conciliatory gesture towards China has actually helped the US in the sense that it has diminished the possibility of armed conflict in the South China Sea.

The cooling of tension between the US and China which is a consequence of Duterte's reaching out to Beijing has guaranteed that we won't be a target of China's missiles. Being closely allied with the US would have made the Philippines a natural target of the Chinese should war have broken out.

Do you agree that Duterte is a 'wise man'? Watch the video shown above and tell us if you agree with Mr. Wang.

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