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Duterte: My Humble President - This incident made me admire him more ~Share

Yes, we know that he doesn't want to be given undue attention.  It is also well known in Davao City that he dislikes fanfare and formality.  He is even uncomfortable being called President and prefers being addressed as Mayor instead.

However, just because he doesn't like formalities it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be giving him the respect his office deserves.  Like it or not, he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

When I watched this video, I really felt that the President was disrespected. Imagine, he was made to stand and wait for the audience for nearly 2 minutes before he finally began his speech.

But the incident showed something else about him, he just stood there patiently and didn't make any demands. He didn't behave like he was slighted. His behavior shows us the inner workings of this man and that his humility is for real.

He walks the talks and that he truly feels he is a servant of the people.

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