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Cynthia Patag proves the USA cannot protect PH against China ~Share

In Cynthia Patag's post (with a screen-grab of a article stating that Carpio corrected Duterte about China invading Philippine territory in 1995 and 2015) was an attempt to discredit President Duterte that backfired.

Obviously, the purpose of the post was to try to prove that Duterte's facts are incorrect.  Instead, what Cynthia Patag proved is that Duterte was right all along.  The US is useless, they won't defend us against China because they are scared of China.

So thank you Cynthia Patag for helping prove that Duterte is correct.  Thank you Cynthia for providing a strong argument that the US should be kicked-out of the Philippines because they are useless in defending us. Their presence will just make the Philippines a target of their enemies.

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