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ABS-CBN, do you swear to tell the whole truth & NOT JUST part truth? ~Share


In an the interview over ABS-CBN, Richard Heydarian said "I am sure the Japanese will try to convince him (Duterte) to try to take a more reasonable and less naive approach towards China..."

Then ABS-CBN was inspired by the very short phrase of Heydarian and came up with the catchy title "JAPAN MAY TELL DUTERTE TO BE LESS NAIVE: Analyst."

Imagine, the less than 5 second phrase Richard Heydarian said suddenly became the title of the ABS-CBN article. They discussed many more important issues but "wow", One sentence became the title.

What is the problem with this headline? 

The problem with this headline is that neither is it a lie nor completely true because many facts about the statement is omitted.

This is an accurate description of the story. Japan never said they thought Duterte is naive about China, those were Richard Heydarian's words. Richard thinks Duterte is naive (stupid) and because he thinks Duterte is stupid then he assumes Japan sees Duterte in the same way, thus he is hoping Japan will tell Duterte to be less naive (stupid).

By the way, there is no such thing as less naive. It is either a person is naive or not.

ABS-CBN can never be accused of lying but they may be accused of putting things out of context and perhaps unintentionally presenting the incomplete truth.

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