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Netizen MJ Quiambao rants at Yellowtard Florin Hilbay for his stupidity. ~SHARE

Instead of being happy that the Philippine government is able to collect from tax evaders like Mighty Corp., or companies like Uber who disrespects our institutions, or the Philippine Airlines who avoids paying aviation fees, Atty. Florin Hilbay prefers something else.

Who is Atty. Florin Hilbay?

He is a Filipino lawyer who served as the Solicitor General of the Philippines under President Nonoy Aquino from 2014 to 2016.

In the screenshot shared by MJ Quiambao Reyes, Hilbay criticized the Duterte's admin for pressuring the abovementioned companies to pay.

What course of action does Hilbay want? He takes special mention that the Duterte Administration has a fixation on immediate cash, and why not?

What benefit will delaying the collection of payment have for the government? Will delay necessarily mean a bigger collection in the future on the part of the government? I don't think so.

Anyway, a netizen named MJ Quiambao Reyes got really pissed at Hilbay and this is what she wrote.

Sowee Mr. Hilbay, but it's much better to twist the arms or may be even squeeze the balls of the big-time tax evaders than to squeeze out every drop of blood, sweat, and tears from the middle-to-low income working class who cannot even make both ends meet.

Tiyak ako'ng maraming Filipinong tulad ko ang sasang-ayon sa ginagawa ng Pangulo. Wag na tayo magbulag-bulagan pa!

You & I know how hard it is to collect long standing, unpaid dues in billions. Idaan mo sa korte, aabot yan ng deka-dekada. Worse, maaabswelto pa, depende kung sino ang majistrado at pangulo years from now.

Ang kikita lang dyan ay mga abogado and you-know-who! So yeah, if there's a better, faster way for a David to collect unpaid dues from these Goliaths and use the funds for the people, why not coconut? By all means!

We need all these funds to help rebuild Marawi, help build necessary infrastructures in & out of Metro Manila to ease congestion, and help jumpstart important projects leading to a more inclusive, more sustainable progress for all.

You see, it does not take a genius to know what's best for the people.

All it takes is a true leader with a genuine concern for the people--coupled with not-so-common common sense, and the balls to do what's necessary! ***