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CON-ASS is dangerous. We trust Duterte, but can we trust self-serving politicians? ~Share

Lawyer and rabid Duterte supporter Atty. Bruce V. Rivera explains why he doesn't like the CON-ASS and being a lawyer who teaches Constitutional Law, he is able to present it in a factual manner.

Bruce has very valid points that will scare us to death, and based on his arguments, a CON-ASS is very dangerous for our country.

Yes, we can trust Duterte, but can we trust the opportunistic politicians? Read what Bruce Rivera wrote and share your thoughts.

By  Bruce V. Rivera

Many Filipinos who dislike the idea of a RevGov are harping on the fact that the name itself is suspicious.

Rev is short for revolutionary and all close-minded people always correlate the revolution with either Cory or Marcos.

A revolution installed Cory and those who still believed that Cory was super will make one think of a dictatorship and Marcos.

But it is simply fast-forwarding the transition to a federal form of government without relying on the effects of the hormonal imbalance of Congress.

But the alternative has a much sinister name: ConAss.

To the really gifted it means Constituent Assembly.

To the simple Pinoy, con and ass are not nice words to begin with. It is like being conned by an ass. And we have been conned by asses the past thirty years.

Okay, I am a professor of Constitutional Law so I will explain it.

In the last Article of the 1987 Constitution, revisions (not amendments) can be proposed by either a constitutional convention (ConCon) or a ConAss. A ConCon is a group of people elected to appointed to propose changes to our fundamental law.

A ConAss is when Congress itself is transformed into a constitutional body and make the proposal.

Yes, the very reason why the present system sucks are the ones to change it. It's like letting a gang of thieves propose security guidelines in a bank.

And yes, our beautiful Constitution allows that.

And this is me not hysterical, but are you out of your freaking minds?????

First, do you know how faithful and loyal our lawmakers are? Yes, there are exceptions. But most of them died poor and forgotten.

These are individuals whose idea of allegiance is not the color of the flag but by the color of money.

The very people whose first order of business is taking an oath to the ruling party because it's not about the platform but how high the money forms.

Most of them cannot even be faithful to a network provider, they have both.

Second. Two words. Andres Bautista. Angry Bird. (not Bitter Rambutan) They are all products of a COMELEC Chief whose wealth suddenly ballooned in the last ten years.

Call me suspicious but an election where Drilon has more votes than Duterte is not really that encouraging.

Drilon in "Facebook talk" is not just a major major blogger.

He is an ultramegasuper major blogger. With that in mind, do you honestly want to put in their hands the fate of our nation? Really?

Third, time is gold and they want gold.

Remember, in ConAss, Congress divides their time as a constituent assembly and as legislators. Meaning, they will be doing two jobs. Both excruciating by itself.

And let us be honest, they are just hanging on in their performance of the first job. The only job they can actually afford to have is a blowjob.

Fourth, quality. I do not trust the quality of Congress now to give them the duty to tinker with the Constitution.

Most of them have not even read the Constitution in its entirety although a few like me actually did manage to read it because I taught the subject for ten years.

And have you heard the questions they have propounded during the impeachment hearing?

Yes, I admit that there are several members who are very well-endowed cranially but based on experience, their stint in Congress only made them better politicians but bitter law-makers.

Lastly, the only argument for ConAss is that it is cheaper.

The hell!!!! They will draft the future of our nation so money should not even be an issue. Hence, a ConCon will be a more palatable dish. After all, we have so many expert political analysts on Facebook.

While everything will be subjected to peoples vote to adopt the Constitution in a plebiscite, relying on a ConAss is not something I am looking forward to.

I cannot risk on the people voting for garbage because the other is a choice is a present system I call hell.