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Duterte takes advantage of PHL strategic position & US Finally admits our importance ~SHARE

Watch the video (below) of Trump talk about the strategic value of the Philippines
We have known it for a long time that the Philippines is strategically located from the military point of view; and actually, the Philippines can cause a lot of problems for China or the US.

If China decides to be at war with us, their economy will sink.

Where will they pass to sell their goods to the world?

In the northern part is Japan who is obviously not a fan of China; below Japan is Taiwan, who again is not a fan of China and then below Taiwan is the Philippines.

Today, we are fortunate to have Rody Duterte as our President because he has the guts to leverage our country's strategic geographic location to get better deals from all powers that be.

In the past, the US gave us insignificant aid.

Can you imagine, despite the strategic position of the Philippines, we were not even in the top 20 countries that got economic and military aid?

The reason for this is because our past leaders were subservient to the US and did not negotiate the best deal for us.

Under Duterte's leadership, countries are scrambling to offer us the best deals to help our economy grow and to move forward to being a first world country.

Now that we have Duterte, we are able to negotiate for better deals for our country and pursue an independent foreign policy.

We can be friends with everyone and enemies only to those who wish to harm us.

No less than US President Donald Trump described the Philippines as a "prime piece of real estate," for being a strategic military location.

Trump who is a real estate tycoon also said that "The Philippines is an unbelievably important military location because if you speak to the admirals and you speak to the generals, that's a perfect spot,".

Before his departure, Trump similarly praised a new phase of the relationship with the Philippines and stressed its strategic value to the US.

"It’s called the most prime piece of real estate from the military standpoint. So it’s very important that we get along with the Philippines and we really do.

Watch this video of Trump talk about the strategic value of the Philippines.

We have a good very good relationship. I would actually say, probably, better than ever before," he said.

"It is very important that we get along with the Philippines and we do," Trump said.