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Marawi bound - This may be the last time. Soldiers & their families bid their tearful goodbyes ~SHARE

This video will make you cry.

It takes a special kind of woman to be a soldier's wife. She has to be exceptionally strong at all times because she knows that at any given time, her husband has to answer the call of duty to protect the country from those who seek to destroy it.

Barely 24 hours before the celebration of Father’s Day, the first batch of 428 soldiers under the army’s 82nd Infantry Battalion in Iloilo, bid goodbye to their loved ones. Waiting to be transported to quell the rebellion in Marawi,  these men, many of them fathers said their farewells as they prepared to leave behind their wives and children.

Mothers wail and sob.

As you walk through the crowd, you can not help but shed tears too when hear the painful sobs and wailing of mothers and fathers as the give their sons a tight embrace. They know it could be the last time they can hold their son in their arms.

Although these soldiers are battle-hardened, they could not hold back their emotions as they shed tears, and hugged their loved ones. They too know that they may no longer see those they love. In the minds of these soldiers, they too might be thinking of who will take care of their loved ones if they die.

Perhaps the soldiers take comfort in knowing that President Rody Duterte will keep his promise to take care of the families of the soldiers. They have seen and witnessed the president do his rounds when he spends time with the families of the fallen soldiers and those wounded in action. They trust the president.

We civilians owe a great deal to our soldiers to give up their lives so that we will be safe a free from the evil of the world. When you see a soldier, let them know you appreciate their sacrifice.

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