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Did Pia Hontiveros, the sister of Risa conspire with Trillanes to discredit Senator Gordon? ~SHARE

Based on Wikipedia, Pia Hontiveros is the sister of Risa Hontiveros who is very critical of President Rody Duterte. Because of their relationship, one cannot help but wonder whether they share the same political view.

In a recent interview over CNN Philippines where Pia Hontiveros interviewed Senator Dick Gordon, I could not help notice that the premise of the interview was that Senator Dick Gordon and Senator Sonny Trillanes IV clashed because Senator Gordon turned down the motion of Trillanes to invite Paolo Duterte and the President's son-in-law, Mans Carpio to the Senate investigation.

This was furthest from the truth. In a video of the CNN interview, it can be seen that Gordon said "you may do so" after Trillanes move to invite Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio.

It is a good thing that Gordon aggressively made that correction and pointed out that the premise of Pia's interview was untrue.

However, what surprised me was the way Pia reacted when Gordon called her attention. For me, her reaction to the mistake that could make Gordon look bad was "dedma" and nonchalant.

Can you imagine, her news would have made Senator Gordon look like he was biased in favor of Duterte when in fact he agreed to have Carpio and Duterte invited to the senate hearing.

It is very clear on the video that Gordon allowed Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio to be invited to the senate hearing. How in the world could Pia Hontiveros get that wrong?

Am I wrong to suspect the maybe Pia Hontiveros and Senator Trillanes conspired?

Shown below is the video of the interview